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Esse Gas Fired Range Cooker Flued

This is an ESSE

Thankfully it is not possible to mass produce an ESSE cast iron range cooker. ESSE take pride in maintaining the time honoured process of design, enamelling and hand building their range cookers whilst embracing new technology to ensure their products remain economical and efficient. Just like the original stove and cast iron range cooker pioneers James Smith and Stephen Wellstood did when they created the first ESSE back in 1854.

In an ESSE you have a Great British cast iron range that has stood the test of time longer than any other through a process of continuous improvement.

Credibility and Celebrity

Florence Nightingale is famous for introducing new practices to improve patient care under extreme conditions and wrote to ESSE expressing her satisfaction that her new ESSE cookers surpassed her expectation. Famous British explorers Scott and Shackleton used ESSE cookers in the most hostile Antarctic conditions. Several ESSE cookers dating from this period remain there preserved by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust.

Flued Gas Cooker

The highly efficient ESSE CAT and flued gas cookers both use a single gas burner to heat a hotplate capable of taking up to six pans together with two ovens and are more than capable of holding temperature for sustained periods of use unlike heat storage cookers.

The ESSE gas range cooker has a single atmospheric burner and requires a 4" flue.

Flued Gas Cooker with Domestic Hot Water Boiler

Flued Gas Cooker with Domestic Hot Water Boiler The domestic hot water boiler model is capable of 8000Btu/h or 2.4kW/h to water.

Both Flued gas models can be programmed to come on and off three times a day on a seven day timer or used continuously and controlled manually. Manual control allows the cooker to be used in the event of a power cut.

All ESSE gas cookers are available in natural gas and propane.

Flues and location

Most ESSE's require a properly sized and fitted flue to ensure that the cooker operates correctly. The flue carries away the products of combustion, assists the supply of air to the burner and helps to draw hot gases through the flueways around the ovens, to ensure even temperatures.

Flue performance is measured by determining the flue draught, which requires special equipment and can only be done when the cooker is installed and working. This forms part of the commissioning process.

An existing chimney or similar flue may be suitable, which must be lined prior to installation. Alternatively a new flue may be installed which should terminate clear of the roof or any other nearby building, bank or tree that might create wind turbulence affecting the flue. The flue should be of a minimum height, generally of 4.5m and as vertical as possible, keeping bends to a minimum and deviating no more than 30' from vertical.

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Esse Gas Fired Range Cooker FluedEsse Gas Fired Range Cooker FluedEsse Gas Fired Range Cooker Flued

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