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Esse Oil Fired Range Cooker


The classic traditional range cooker evolved over 50 years of oil burning expertise.

Cooking only - ON

When you choose an Esse range cooker you have the reassurance of over half a century of oil burning expertise and the knowledge that your new Esse is a true thoroughbred, craftsman made range.

Simple and ruggedly reliable, requiring no electricity to operate, these cookers will continue to work even in the event of a power cut. Their traditional vaporising 'pot' burner is ideally suited to continuous use, ensuring a warm and cosy kitchen in the cold winter months. All vaporising oil models are fitted with a new, rectangular burner that vaporises more efficiently and performs better in a low draft conditions. Additional benefits include better graduation of hotplate temperatures and reduced surface temperature of the cooker top.

Cooking and domestic hotwater - OD

deal for those requiring domestic hot water in addition to cooking. And like the ON it requires no electricity and will continue to operate in the event of a power cut.


Atomising or 'pressure jet' models offer greater levels of control and convenience for those who rely on oil for their main fuel supply.

Cooking only - OC

Esse atomising cookers offer outstanding levels of control. Heat up times from cold are spectacularly fast, so their thermostatically controlled ovens can be conveniently turned on and off as required. The OC is available with an electronic programmer for added convenience.

Cooking, heating and domestic hot water - O60, O80 & O106

All Esse central heating models are available with a full range of electronic programming options and a choice of three power outputs, 60,000, 80,000 and 106,000 Btu/h, enough to handle even the most demanding heating systems. These models are equipped with two burners, enabling the cooking and heating functions to be independently operated.

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Esse Oil Fired Range CookerEsse Oil Fired Range CookerEsse Oil Fired Range Cooker

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