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Marshall Alpha One Range Cooker

The Oil Fired Marshall Alpha One is the heart of a home

The Marshall is a luxury hand crafted iron range cooker, built in Marshall's workshops, set on the edge of the beautiful Peak District. Their commitment to manufacturing and engineering is truely reflected in the quality and reliability of their range cookers.

The oil fired Marshall Alpha One is in a league of its own. The Marshall has 2 equally sized ovens which currently are the largest on the market. The Marshall has both a roasting and slow cooking oven using in-direct heat from their walls like a baker's oven, meaning that there is no direct heat or flames to alter tastes thus keeping all those natural juices and flavours of the food sealed in.

The huge cast iron hob tops are varied in temperature and will allow you to boil or simmer a variety of pans at anyone time.

Cooking only or with Central Heating

With the Marshall you have the choice of cooking only or with a Central Heating and Hot Water Boiler (upto 150,000 BTu's). You are easily capable of heating upto a six bedroom family home as well as having plenty of hot water for all your washing needs and, of course those long hot relaxing baths.

Marshall also manufacture all of their boilers so quality is guaranteed

Practical and Affordable

The Marshall is not only extremely beneficial in its practicality and affordabilty, but is classically styled and finished in a rich durable vitreous enamel, providing optimum economy with controlled performance.

The Marshall Alpha One is unlike most other range cookers in its ability to run the central heating and hot water systems without having to have the ovens on, a real benefit in the summer months as your kitchen will remain cool and your fuel bill noticeably lower.

Optional Timer

Marshall Alpha One Range Cooker

To get the best from your Marshall oil fired range cooker the optional programmer gives you total control. Each function can be programmed independently, allowing you to time your cooker, hot water and central heating to come on and go off upto three times per day.

The Wood Fired Marshall Alpha One

Probably the most beautiful, 3 oven Woodfired cooker in the world.

The Marshall Alpha Obe Wood Fired Range Cooker (including castings) are hand built in England. The wood burner range has 3 ovens and a very large firebox which allows you to fill up at night so the fire will still be alight the next morning.

The Alpha One is available as a cooker only or with a hot water boiler, or even, a central heating/water boiler up to 35,000 BTU's. The boiler is controlled by an automatic vent that opens and shuts depending on the heat of the boiler. You can also direct the heat around the cooker to boost the cooking temperature when required. No Chinese parts (including castings) are used in Marshall Alpha One Range Cookers.

The boilers are manufactured by Marshall. THey are a small privately owned company that manufacture boilers to a large proportion of the heating trade.

Marshall also hand build a companion Mini Alpha that runs on electricity and is ideal to stand alongside the wood burner or stand independently elsewhere in the kitchen. This will give you the best of both worlds dependent on the weather, for example during the summer months when a fire isn't essential but cooking is, their 'stand alone' electric stove is convenient without the heat of a hot kitchen.

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Marshall Alpha One Range CookerMarshall Alpha One Range CookerMarshall Alpha One Range Cooker

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