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Redfyre Central Heating Range Cooker

Redfyre's Central Heating oil-fired range cooker is the most efficient available today! With its SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) rating of band B, this is a very important consideration when choosing an oil-fired range cooker for your home.

Save space in your kitchen by combining the cooker and boiler in one compact appliance. The Redfyre Central Heating cooker is fully programmable and incorporates two separate, thermostatically controlled burners - one for the main oven and one for the heating boiler - so each function is easy to control and totally independent.

The Redfyre Central Heating range cooker is skilfully hand-built to order at our factory and delivered to your home fully assembled.

The Redfyre Central Heating range cooker comes in four versions with outputs of between 60,000 and 120,000 BTUs, and can run upto 24 radiators.

Central Heating features:

  • Oil-fired model is rated efficiency band B (SAP)
  • 7-day, built-in programmable control system
  • Oil or natural gas versions
  • 2 ovens
  • Thermostatically controlled main oven
  • Extra large hotplate takes up to 7 pans
  • Thermostatically controlled boiler
  • Versions with 60,000 - 120,000 BTUs output to water
  • Round spring-assisted hob lids
  • Slam shut oven door
  • Choice of 6 superb enamel colours
  • Chrome fittings

Hotplates and Lids

Beautifully engineered and spring-loaded for easier lifting, your insulated hob lid covers have a highly polished, chromium-plated steel finish and incorporate an open handle that is cooler to the touch.

Underneath is a versatile, 'dog bone' shaped, cast iron hotplate that has been specially developed to combine maximum heating effeciency wiht both economy and ease of operation. When cooking, you just move pans - and there's space for up to seven pans at one time - from one heat zone to another. It's sheer simplicity.

The Main Oven

'Spacious' best describes this generous 54 litre main oven. Designed to cater for the largest or parties, you'll be impressed by its cooking capacity and the fact that, unlike some range cookers, it is thermostatically controlled.

So whether you are contemplating a 28lb (12kg) Christmas turkey or the grandest of family roasts, your Redfyre Central Heating cooker will be there to help.

The Lower Oven

With exactly tghe same 54-litre capacity, the lower oven is designed for keeping food warm and for slow baking or cooking. Vegetables and rice, in particular, can be brought to the boil on the hob, drained and then transferred here until ready. You will soon discover it is an effective way of improving texture and flavour.

The Boiler

The central heating system is totally independent of the cooking function. There are seperate, thermostatically controlled burners, with boiler outputs from 60,000 to 120,000 BTUs, which will enable you to heat your home whether large or small. The number of radiators you can run, however depend upon the output chosen and the size of your property. Typically, between 12 and 24 radiators can be fitted, depending upon boiler output chosen.

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Redfyre Central Heating Range CookerRedfyre Central Heating Range CookerRedfyre Central Heating Range CookerRedfyre Central Heating Range CookerRedfyre Central Heating Range Cooker

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