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Redfyre Electric Range Cooker

The NEW Redfyre Electric Range Cooker

One of the most appealing features of the Redfyre Electric is that when first seen it looks exactly like a traditional range cooker. There are no control knobs on show to detract from the traditional range cooker look and most component parts, such as the cooker top, hob lids, cooker front and doors are all identical in materials quality and finish as our traditional range cookers.

A unique feature of the Redfyre Electric is its patented Warmfront technology which can be turned on at the switch of a button to make the outside of the cooker feel really warm - ensuring the family will gravitate towards the cooker - just like with a traditional range. This energy efficient feature is also highly economical using less than £0.02 of electricity per hour, meaning you will not have to limit on time.

Underneath the traditional sprung loaded hob lids there is a choice of 2 modern ceramic hobs.

  • As standard is a High Lite electric infra red hob (pictured left) giving two burners. The High Lite technology gives rapid response in both heating up and cooling down giving enhanced cooking controllability
  • Top of the range is the latest induction technology giving two burners both of which are 2.3kW. These burners automatically adjust to any pan size and only heat the pan when it is placed on the burner. The performance of the induction burners is outstanding with high energy efficiency and response speeds faster than using gas
  • Both of the above hobs have a single ceramic glass cooking surface with touch sensitive controls making the whole top of the cooker very easy to keep clean
  • The ceramic glass surface has been designed to have subtle markings to keep the overall look clean
  • The spring-loaded round or square lids are fitted with a micro switch which turns the hob off if they are lowered preventing the hobs being left on
  • Choice of colours

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Redfyre Electric Range CookerRedfyre Electric Range CookerRedfyre Electric Range CookerRedfyre Electric Range CookerRedfyre Electric Range Cooker

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