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Sandyford Flueless Gas Whisper Range Cooker

The Sandyford is a traditionally crafted range cooker that has been built in factories set on the edge of the beautiful Peak District for over 40 years.

Providing optimum economy with controlled performance, the Sandyford is unlike most other range cookers in its ability to run the central heating and hot water systems without having the oven on. This is of course a real benefit in those summer months, as your kitchen will remain cool and your fuel bill noticeably lower. A condensing boiler version is available with a minimum of 95% efficiency; this is exclusive to Sandyford Cookers.

Combining stunning good looks with unrivalled flexibility the Sandyford range of 4 different cookers is capable of coping with the most demanding of households.

Sandyford range cookers, are one of the quickest and the most efficient and environmentally friendly range cookers on the market. Sandyford range cookers can run on oil, or gas. Sandyford range cookers require servicing once a year.

At last a Real Gas Flueless Range Cooker

Sandyford use the latest catalytic patented technology, so no flue is required and a major benefit id 100% efficency. No energy is wated goinhg up the flue. A very 'Green' cooker because you require no flue, the Sandyford can be used almost anywhere.

The Sandyford 'Whisper' has both a roasting and slow oven and a 'hot-box' quick heat oven (unique to Sandyford). All using in-direct heat from their walls, like a bakers oven, meaning that there is no direct heat or flames to alter tastes, thus keeping all those natural juices and flavours of the food sealed in. The large cast iron hob tops are varied in temperature and will allow you to boil or simmer a variety of pans at any one time.

The Sandyford 'Whisper' is not only extremely beneficial in its practicality and affordability, but is classically styled and finished in a rich durable vitreous enamel providing optimum economy, with controlled performance. Sandyford care about the enviroment, the 'Whisper' exceeds the government efficiency standards by far.

A significant benefit of using a catalytic gas cooker is the fact that it helps create an improved kitchen enviroment, by helping to remove odours, such as cooking, household pets and other smella. Although flueless gas cookers and fires are new to Europe, they have been sold in Japan and America for a number of years.

The catalytic converter used in the Sandyford 'Whisper' is coated with Platinum and Palladium. Oxygen sticks to the Platinum coating until a carbon monoxide molecule meets it - this converts the oxygen and carbon monoxide to carbon dixide, this is present in fresh air and is harmless at these levels.

Sandyford have had to pass stringent European tests to obtain the CE mark. This cooker had to pass all the tests necessary with the catalytic converter removed - proving that the Sandyford is still safe without a catalytic converter.

Best of all its a real flueless gas range cooker, that cooks food to perfection.

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Sandyford Flueless Gas Whisper Range CookerSandyford Flueless Gas Whisper Range CookerSandyford Flueless Gas Whisper Range Cooker

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